Lavendar (swirly_daze) wrote in youve_got_male,

Love And Let Love

It’s amazing how some girls can form such lasting attachments to guys. I’m a fine one to talk since I was infatuated by one Sean for three years. But now that Sean is very much a part of my past, I continue to question why females would emotionally fasten themselves to a member of the opposite sex. Why would you let your heart be broken so easily over someone just because they appeal to you in looks or even personality? Ridiculous. That’s what it is.

I have one friend, who has been “in love” with the same guy for over two years. For the sake of respecting her anonymity, I will refer to her as Jane. Any rate, Jane pined over this guy with a passion that bordered on annoyance. I had several classes with her, and when said guy would disappoint her in any way, she would cry and bemoan his traitorous nature. He would succumb to many of her needs by staying away from girls since he considered Jane a good friend. I pitied the guy deeply because Jane became too much of a weight for him. An anchor that refused to let the ship leave or have any freedom to move about. Finally, he could stand it no longer and began to ask another girl out. Jane was devastated and pointedly did not hide her devastation. Everyone soon learned of their fall-out. Although I tried to comfort her, I felt no real sorrow for her. By clinging to this guy like she has been, she was depriving him of happiness. I ask you, if you claim to love someone so much, why would you do something like that?

I honestly don’t know if I believe in love. Or maybe I’ve never come across its pure form. But all I’ve witnessed is mouths speaking that dreadful L word, yet it is composed of undercurrents of jealousy and selfishness. Everyone should live by Brian Kinney’s example and that is if you love something enough, let it go.
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