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More Members, Yay!

Hello all. It's Lavendar. One of your super cool maintainers. I just saw our list of watchers/members, and it has gone up. So a big shout out to all the cool kids who have joined this community...especially Katie Anderson, because she's from California and California rocks!

Now...time for a real story. A spooky one. Since it's almost Halloween.

One of my closest male friends works at the local Best Buy. Although it may not be the greatest place on earth to someone as disinterested in technology such as myself, to him, it might as well replace Disney World. This perception of his job is only further enhanced when he met the "girl of his dreams" there. The two of them have been dating for a week or two and he continues to gush to me about how wonderful Andrea is. At first, I try to listen with a fairly attentive air, but after repeated sessions of him blathering on about her beauty and uniqueness, I become bored with his banter.

I notice that although males seem rather reserved about personal issues, they are more than willing to talk if the right person comes along. In fact, that would be an understatement. Given the right girl who will listen, males have the capacity of talking endlessly. On the other hand, females would rather just tell everybody about their issues, which is much more efficient because they can receive a variety of listeners and sympathizers without having to bore any one individual. However, this is straying from the main focus of the story.

So my friend who happens to luck out in the relationship department continues to demonstrate his avid obsession with his new girlfriend by showing me his grotesquely sweet text messages to her. Not once has he told me about what her interest are or what she is like as a person. I have my doubts about whether he actually knows any of these things. "I always treat my girl like a princess." Shouldn't there be a crime against unnecessary cheesy-ness?

I suppose this is considered natural since initially everyone is ridiculously obsessed with the individual they are dating. I know that people enjoy feeling needed and that is why they enter relationships. The feeling that one has an exclusive bond with another is rather elating, but such professions of affection can be skin crawling nonetheless. The very reason that I severed my ties with an old beau is because of his overly doting affections. I wonder if I'm a bad person for despising such sugary sweetness in a relationship. It just seems that such a relationship is almost kin to that of a sugar rush one would receive from various caffeinated beverages. At first, one rises up with intense energy, only to crash down with equal intensity when the caffeine wears off.

I honestly don't think fake words will suffice as a foundation in a relationship. I'm taking another leaf out of Brian Kinney's book when I say that words are bullshit and it's the actions that count. Perhaps my argument can be refuted, but I know that compatability in terms of personality and interest is what will determine the longevity of a relationship.

The story may not be all that spooky...but I had to say something enticing to get you to read it.
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