Val the Communist Penguin! (pingumew98) wrote in youve_got_male,
Val the Communist Penguin!

my one and only boyfriend story

ya...i dont really know what im doing in this community but what the hell, i'll share my one and only boyfriend story.

ok like 6 years ago i went out with this Mexican kid name Hans for like...two days. i felt sorry for the kid so i agreed to go out with him. i never liked the kid and he was all scary and stalker like so i ws like-"BITCH BACK THE FUCK UP!" WELL, turns out he was picking on my brother which is a good reason not only to break up but a prime excuse to beat the shit outta i did. he had me in a headlock and i just elbowed him in the crotch and punched him across the face. *beams* sadily, everyone still makes fun of me for it so the moral of the story IS...NEVA go out with ANYONE just cause you feel sorry for them.
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